Knowing your photographer is the first step to a successful outcome that captures your uniqueness... let me introduce myself

I am Nikoleta Rosinová...

in short ,,Nikoleta Rosi" and art has been with me all my life. Photography for me is a mission, therapy, love and fun all in one. Being a photographer is a lifestyle that gives me freedom, the opportunity to meet amazing people, to learn, to travel and to be creative, what I love the most!

My extroverted and always curious nature enjoys every new smile I am afforded while taking photos. ready to give me that smile of yours?

I base my work... 

on getting to know my clients, their ideas and the combination of qualities that make them unique. I love getting to know you, your partner, family or pet... and of course your story, which I help you retell through my work. 

Not being a born model? No problem... even more fun during photoshooting. I'll make you laugh during the shoot, push you into your loved one's arms or dance with you in the rain. 

You only need to be yourself and enjoy the ride with me.

"Photography isn't just about the result, it's about the process.,,

I love... 

spontaneity, crazy ideas, original locations, laughter and the company of people who can fill my day with new experiences. 

Most of all I love is lifestyle and love captured in all ways. I love when the resulting photo evokes emotion, express the feeling of the captured moment and just bring you back in time and allows you to live that special moment once again.

And also, I love when you see your beauty from the best angle. 

Because you deserve nothing less.

...yours Nikoleta Rosi

I look forward to hear your story and it would be honor for me to be an observer of your unique self for a little while.